I'm a developer based in sunny New Mexico where I create digital interactives at Ideum. I also design and develop web applications at Expression, a design and development company I started in 2015. I specialize in front-end development, but also have experience in and enjoy back-end development.


Selected Works

Cincinnati Counts preview image

Cincinnati Counts

Cincinnati Counts is an interactive exhibit pairing realtime and historical survey data with animated data visualizations.

Creep preview image


Creep is command-line tool for downloading lots of random image data concurrently.

Pomotroid preview image


Pomotroid is a simple and configurable Pomodoro timer available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

iAnthus Mayflower preview image

iAnthus Mayflower

A multi-touch application that allows visitors to explore and learn about the world of cannabis.

International Balloon & Airship Hall of Fame preview image

International Balloon & Airship Hall of Fame

An Interactive hall of fame exhibit and web application.

Ideum Micro-sites preview image

Ideum Micro-sites

A collecion of targeted marketing sites for Ideum.


Selected Writings


A Bit More Info

I work for Ideum, where I design and develop interactive exhibits and support applications. I've had the pleasure of working on exciting projects for a diverse range of clients, including The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum and the Cincinnati Museum Center. I founded Expression, where I design and develop web sites and applications.

I have an affinity for creative endeavors, problem-solving, and technology. I focus on work that allows me to express my creativity, engage my critical thinking, and learn new and invigorating concepts. Currently, I'm learning the Go programming language and using it to create application back-ends and systems tools.

With a background in design, I’m comfortable working in several creative mediums. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico and a Masters of Architecture from UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning. In all my work, design plays a key role. Paul Rand stated it aptly: "Everything is design. Everything!"

Aside from my work, I enjoy time with my wife and children. I create time for cycling, video games, and board games. I have a soft spot for chocolate chip cookies and strong, black coffee.