Creep logo, depicting the text 'creep' on a star-filled sky next to a new moon


A command-line tool for downloading lots of random image data concurrently.


  • Developer


  • Go
  • CI/CD


  • 2020


  • MIT

Creep is a command-line tool used to generate gobs of random image data quickly given a single URL. I created this tool because I frequently need to seed application data sets with large quantities of unique images for testing and demonstration. This need also presented an opportunity to use Go. Creep leverages Go's concurrency model to process many simultaneous requests quickly. Creep has no dependencies or requirements, is cross-platform and lightweight.

Creep can be used to concurrently download large quantities of images given a single endpoint. It has a simple command-line interface with several options.

Example creep output

An example output generated by Creep.