Ideum's The Multitouch Table microsite mockup

Ideum Micro-sites

Small, highly-targeted marketing sites for Ideum.


  • Designer
  • Developer


  • JavaScript/CSS/HTML
  • Nuxt
  • Vue


  • Ideum


  • 2017 - 2019

Micro-sites are small, static websites used to capture markets for particular products or technologies. Each site relies on search engines serving them in related search results. Especially for this purpose, each site is carefully optimized to several key metrics. The sites have smooth performance, wide accessibiltiy, and follow industry best practices.

Tangible Engine

The Tangible Engine micro-site features Tangible Engine, Ideum's SDK for authoring multi-touch applications. The site also includes Tangible Engine's API documentation.

Tangine Engine micro-site preview screenshot

Touch Coffee Table

The Touch Coffee Table micro-site showcases the Pico, Ideum's multi-touch coffee table. Warm earth tones give the site a comfortable feel meant to evoke the inviting atmosphere of a café.

Touch Coffee Table micro-site preview screenshot


The Touch-stands micro-site The Touch-stands micro-site promotes Ideum's multi-touch Drafting table. It showcases the Drafting table's uses in architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Touch-stands micro-site preview screenshot

The Multitouch Table

The Multi-touch Table micro-site showcases Ideum's flagship Platform table. Its cool blue tones echo the distinctive Ideum software branding.

The Multi-touch Table micro-site preview screenshot

Multitouch Rentals

The Multi-touch Rentals micro-site provides information about Ideum's rental offerings. It showcases a wide array of rental products and their applications.

Multi-touch Rentals micro-site preview screenshot

4k Multitouch Display

The 4k Multi-touch Display micro-site describes Ideum’s Ultra-High Definition display capabilities. The layout draws cues from print to accommodate large amounts of text.

4k Multi-touch Display micro-site preview screenshot